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Foundation Stage Year 1 Year 2

1 Using and applying mathematics

2 Counting and understanding number

3 Knowing and using number facts

Observe number relationships and patterns in the environment and use these to derive facts

Derive and recall all pairs of numbers with a total of 10 and addition facts for totals to at least 5; work out the corresponding subtraction facts 

Save The Whale

Funny Fingers (whole-class demo tool up to 5+5)

Funky Mummy (any single digit addition fact)

Safe Cracker

Ladybird Groups (Kent ICT)

Catch Complements (Kent ICT)

Derive and recall all addition and subtraction facts for each number to at least 10, all pairs with totals to 20 and all pairs of multiples of 10 with totals up to 100

Funky Mummy 20

Flight For Fuel

Numberline Boxes (whole class demo tool)

Find one more or one less than a number from 1 to 10 

Laughs and Giraffes (Kent ICT)

Five Little Ducks (Kent ICT)

Five Speckled Frogs (Kent ICT)

Sausages in a Pan (Kent ICT)

Bottle Take Away

Ladybird Groups (Kent ICT)

Count on or back in ones, twos, fives and tens and use this knowledge to derive the multiples of 2, 5 and 10 to the tenth multiple

Whack A Mole (Can count in 1's, 2,s ... 20's)

Fairy 2s

Fairy 3s

Fairy 5s

Fairy 10s

Number Square (Kent ICT)

Understand that halving is the inverse of doubling and derive and recall doubles of all numbers to 20, and the corresponding halves

Archery Doubles

Archery Doubles (beyond 10)


Doubling Cards (level1)

Doubling cards (Level 2)

Select two groups of objects to make a given total of objects

Ladybird Groups (Kent ICT)

Funny Fingers (whole-class demo tool up to 5+5)

Recall the doubles of all numbers to at least 10

Archery Doubles

Archery Doubles (beyond 10)

Funny Fingers (whole-class demo tool up to 5+5)

Dinosaur Dentist (Near Doubles)

Derive and recall multiplication facts for the 2, 5 and 10 times-tables and the related division facts; recognise multiples of 2, 5 and 10

Tables Shooter

Array Display (whole-class demo)

Multiplication Numberlines (whole-class demo)

Use knowledge of number facts and operations to estimate and check answers to calculations

Flight For Fuel (quick use of number facts)

Mummy Numberline (Level 1)

4 Calculating

5 Understanding shape

6 Measuring

7 Handling data

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