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Privacy Policy

At ictgames we are commited to protecting your privacy.

This policy relates to the 'App' 'Tables Tennis'.

For the purposes of the Data Protection Act 1998, the data controller is James Barrett,

The Information That Is Collected In This Game:

'Tables Tennis' collects and stores are no information. We do not collect, receive or store information any information about the user or use of this game.

When viewing this webpage we use Analytics to collect data regarding visitors to our website, such data, however is anonymised, non-personal and generic information and of a general nature. Information provided by Analytics includes the following;

- How many visitors our site has at the moment
- Who has visited our site recently (location and device type only), and how many of these are unique or repeat visitors
- How often repeat visitors come back to our site
- How visitors get to our site (e.g. referral, ads, direct, links or email)
- What other sites are referring visitors to ours
- Where our visitors are coming from (e.g. the U.S. or other countries)
- Which pages on our site have been visited the most
- What is the “bounce rate” (the number of visitors who leave without examining other pages)
- The average time spent viewing our site
- What kind of browsers visitors are using
- The speed of the ISPs involved





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