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Caption Clips

One minute videos to get you writing.

Made for EYFS and Year 1.
No more hunting for photos to teach the Letters & Sounds 'Captions' activity.

Watch the video clip.

Turn to your partner and talk about what you can see.

Decide on a caption, (adults please press on the eye to check).

Say the phrase 3 times.

Write the caption on drywipes.

Then mark it together.

There's a help video here if you want to see more detail.

Have fun!

Phase 2, L&S Sets 1-4:

  1. pat a dog
  2. a cat in a hat
  3. a sad man
  4. a pin on a map
  5. pots and pans
  6. dad and nan
  7. a nap in a cot
  8. a kid in a cap
  9. a tin can
  10. cats and dogs

Phase 2, L&S Sets 1-4 + to, the:

  1. a red rug
  2. get to the top
  3. socks on a mat
  4. a cap on a peg
  5. a run in the sun
  6. rats on a sack
  7. a pup in the mud
  8. run to the den
  9. mugs and cups
  10. an egg in an egg cup

Phase 2, L&S Sets 1-5 + to, the, no, go:

  1. a hug and a kiss
  2. on top of the rock
  3. a bag of nuts
  4. to huff and puff
  5. go to the log hut
  6. a hot hob
  7. sit back to back
  8. a duck and a hen
  9. a cat on a bed
  10. to the top of the hill
  11. get off the bus
  12. no lid on the pan
  13. pack a pen in a bag
  14. a doll in a cot
  15. a cat and a big fat rat

Phase 3, Captions from L&S:

  1. tools in the shed
  2. ships in port
  3. boats on the river
  4. fish and chips on a dish
  5. a goat and a cow
  6. sixteen trees
  7. looking at books
  8. the light of a torch
  9. digging in the soil
  10. goats in a farmyard

Phase 3, L&S Vowel Graphemes:
(Captions not from L&S)

I made up these captions as none exist in Letters and Sounds for this purpose. Apologies if they are strange. It was a tricky to balance things children would recognise with things that used age-appropriate graphemes.
  • ch  -chicken and chips
  • sh  -rush to the shops
  • th  -think of three things in the bath
  • ng  -a king with wings
  • ai  -a snail on a train
  • ee  -a tree with knees
  • igh  -a bright light in the night
  • oa  -a toad with her soap
  • oo  -look at a good book
  • oo  -a spoon on the moon
  • ar  -a car park at the market
  • or  -a stork with a fork
  • ur  -turn it or it will burn
  • ow  -a cow with a crown
  • oi  -a coin in the soil
  • ear  -a tear in my beard
  • air  -a pair of chairs
  • er  -a letter on a ladder
I didn't make one for 'ure' as I couldn't think of anything suitable!

If you would like me to make some Phase 4 clips please let me know via email and I'll whizz them off.

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