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Engine Simulator
Day Night Simulator

Engine Simulator

Day Night Simulator

A reading and simulation resource to explain how a four stroke combustion engine works. This is not on the curriculum for Ket Stage 1, I just wnated to make it!

A simulation exploring day and night.


Dress The Knight
Nocturnal Animals

Dress the Knight

Nocturnal Animals

Dress and label a knight.


A reading resource to research facts about nocturnal animals.

The Body

The Human Body

Braille Builder

A simulation about the Human Body. Watch the heart and lungs as the body runs faster. Move an arm by contracting a muscle. Watch the journey of food through the body.

Explore Louis Braille's writing system, then write your own Braille message. Print, turn over and then carefully push through the dots on a soft surface.

Hong Bow
Captain Scott

Hong Bow Red Pocket


Captain Scott and his crew

Make a Red Pocket for Chinese New Year.
A reading resource describing the ill-fated journey of Captain Scott and his team to the South Pole.


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